Antananarivo Day 2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday was Sunday, which is usually a day off for us. We had a short lecture after breakfast about primates in Madagascar and their evolution which was cool. In just a few days we’re going to be seeing some lemurs and other animals in the wild. After that lesson, we took about a 1 hour bus ride to a palace where kings and queens used to rule from. It’s all the way up on the top of a mountain, and overlooks the entire city of what is now Antananarivo (population 2 million). A lot of the city is very poor, typical houses are very small and crowded together. The views from the palace were incredible, the visibility is far-reaching in every direction. After exploring the palace grounds for a few hours, we ate lunch and returned back to our hotel. After a quick nap we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner, where I ate some Zebu (Madagascar cow) steak….it was great! Tomorrow we have a full slate of lessons on plants and animals of Madagascar. Tuesday we will set out on a 5 day camping trip where I won’t have any internet access, then we’ll travel to the ValBio research center to spend a majority of the trip there.

Here’s a picture of me and my Malagasy (Madagascar native) friend on top of the mountain overlooking the city! He attends a university in Madagascar and is one of 2 Malagasy students to be participating in the entire trip with us. It’s great to have some native students to help with a language barrier and to provide some great info into the culture of the country.

8 thoughts on “Antananarivo Day 2”

  1. Hi Trey. We are loving your updates and pictures. Do you think Umbertos can start carrying Zebu? I’ll find out lol. Have fun camping. Lv u, Aunt Jamie


  2. hey trey!!! love reading the updates so far! really seems like you’re having the trip of a lifetime! thinking of you lots today and sending extra love. cannot wait to see some videos!!! xoxo


  3. Greetings from THE Thursday Night “Boys Night Out Crew” (Grandpa, Jerry, Kenny and Tony) What an amazing once in a lifetime experience! We will be following your progress and looking for some great photos. Enjoy and don’t take any wooden nickles…..


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