Some Pictures from week 1

I uploaded about 200 pictures to an album online for people to view. It’s my first time using Flickr so I’m not sure how to edit some of the settings or why the pictures are not in order. There are many more where these came from, check out the first batch at:

4 thoughts on “Some Pictures from week 1”

  1. hi trey. you look happy. fall has officially begun in the up here in the north. grandma ginny loved the photos but not the spiders. stay covered. love and miss you. aunt b


  2. The pictures were great. Really got a feeling of how it is there. How is the climate, what is the temperature? Thinking of you every day.
    Love, Grandma & Papa


  3. Hey Trey! Those pictures are awesome!! i just looked at all of them with my roommate and we are both so intrigued. My favorite picture is the selfie you took with those two little girls! so cute! hope you’re having a great time. Cant wait to see you and hear all about it


  4. Dear Trey, The Statfelds have been enjoying your blog. So happy that you are having such an amazing experience. We just ordered a dvd from the library on The Lemurs of Madagascar. We can’t believe how large the lemurs are there . The ones we have seen here were tiny. We enjoyed your story about your ferris wheel experience.

    Take care!!!


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