Heading Home Soon

I have been in Madagascar for 3 weeks and it has been an enjoyable and productive trip. My main goal was to come back to Ranomafana and check out some of the existing hotels, and to see if there is any good available land to build a restaurant/hotel on at some point. My friend Khen and I spent a lot of time walking around and talking to various landowners. We were able to find a really nice piece of land that is very close to Centre ValBio and the entrance to the rainforest, which is part of Ranomafana National Park. I’ve also had some help from Dr. Pat Wright who founded both the park and Centre ValBio.

The land has a great view of a waterfall as it overlooks the large river that separates the park from the road. I hope some of my friends and family from America can see it in person someday and I will keep everyone updated on my progress from home. In the meantime we are thinking about expanding Khen’s existing restaurant to hold 50 people rather than 25-30. We’ll also do some renovations to the flooring and probably repaint the building. This will help us get a lot of business for when tourists start to come into the area, which is usually from July-December.

I am leaving CVB tomorrow and I’ll stay 1 night in Tana. Wednesday I will be on a plane home and Thursday I will be back at my house. Attached is 1 photo of myself with Khen (Left) and his brother Patrick (Right).

I am excited to get home later this week where I can share many more pictures and plenty of information about this trip.

3 thoughts on “Heading Home Soon”

  1. Happy to hear from you. Sounds like you have accomplished your goal.
    Will be so glad to see you. Love, Grandma & Papa


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