Good Food

Having been to Madagascar four times now, I’ve eaten a lot of different food that might not be available in New York. Last week I posted about the whole eel that I had. Since that was so good I started feeling adventurous with my choices at meals. Centre ValBio does serve three meals per day, but I tend to eat most of my food at Varibolo. They have never made something there that I didn’t find delicious. This past week I’ve eaten frogs that were fried in a homemade batter, big crayfish from the river here, and grilled rabbit. It was all so good and I’m trying to find more interesting dishes I can try.

I took a trip on Monday to the city of Fianarantsoa, the second biggest city in Madagascar. It was about a 90 minute drive on a road that is in pretty good condition compared to some others here. I went with Khen and Patrick from Varibolo and their father. We got some new cooking equipment for the restaurant and a few other things we needed (like the rabbits). We also picked up a video screen and we’re working on making a video with some drone footage for Ranomafana National Park. The screen will go in the park entrance and it will loop the video for the park as well as some kayak footage. When that is completed I will try to share it online as well for other people to see that haven’t been to Madagascar (yet). Soon we are also hoping to be able to bottle and sell samples of essential oils at Centre ValBio, in the village of Ranomafana, and at the entrance to the national park.

It’s almost halfway through my trip, I’m having a good time here. I’ll put up more pictures and videos when I have more to share.



4 thoughts on “Good Food”

  1. Hi Trey. I am enjoying reading all about your time in Madagascar. The pictures are spectacular and really give us all a glimpse into where you are! Can’t wait to see you and hear about everything in person. All my love, Aunt Jamie


  2. Wow you really make us look forward to visiting Madagascar! Well, maybe not the food so much, but everything else! Mackenzie is really into flying the drone, it gives such a great perspective of the land. Looking forward to seeing the drone videos!


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