One More Week in the Rainforest

I now have just 7 more days in Ranomafana before we head back to the capital, Antananarivo. We’ll stay two nights there before flying to Johannesburg, South Africa, and then back to New York. This trip has been filled with many different activities and projects to enjoy as well as some unique challenges. It can be tough to organize schedules and logistics of anything compared to how the same processes work in New York. This is a tradeoff for some good things too, though. The lack of structure of upcoming plans often leads to some really great opportunities to be completely present in the current moment and to fully take advantage of what’s happening in real time. It’s something that I always appreciate about Madagascar. Daily life is not dominated by social media and nobody is being judged here by their online presence. Nobody is really being judged at all, and the community is extremely supportive of one another. I greatly enjoy being able to interact with so many different and interesting people. Everything important is accomplished on a very personal level. All of the connections I’ve made here are strong and will last going forward even though I am leaving for a while. I’ve learned a lot on this 2 and a half month trip, just as I have the 3 previous times I’ve come to Ranomafana. I know I’ll be back here to offer what help I can to this land and its amazing people.

A film team from ABC news is coming to Centre ValBio tonight. They are going to be here for a few days to document various projects that are currently going on here. They’ll also be going out to a remote village for 3 days to film some of CVB’s drones that are used to deliver medicine. Khen from Varibolo is also going to go on that trip with them in order to film the big drones with our smaller Phantom camera drone. It’s possible that Khen’s footage could wind up on the special ABC is making. I’ll probably also be on some film to show the essential oils project and possibly the kayak tours. I’m going to make myself accessible and if they want to talk to me I will be happy to. There’s no way to know what footage they will end up using but it’s still exciting and will be good exposure for Ranomafana however it comes out. Then on Saturday they will film some of the celebration for the 25th anniversary of Ranomafana National Park. That should be a fun experience to be here for as that is a huge milestone for everyone that has worked so hard to establish the park and keep it running.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone when I am home in New York. I have pictures, videos and stories to share from this trip. I will also put some more of it online when I have some better internet access. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts on this trip, I’m glad to be able to share some of my thoughts ands experiences while I’m so far from home. If anywhere else feels like home to me it is certainly here in Ranomafana. I’ll miss the people and I’m sure I’ll be missed as well. I’ll assure everyone that they will see me again soon.


One thought on “One More Week in the Rainforest”

  1. Trey, We’re happy to hear that you’re excited about the progress you’ve made. It’s a great privilege to able to work at what you love to do. Looking forward to seeing you. Love, Grandma & Papa


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